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Marshall Fishery

Marshal Fisheries Lake Marshal Fisheries Lake Marshal Fisheries Lake


Marshall Fishery is an exclusive carp syndicate set in the picturesque surroundings of Sturminster Marshall, Dorset.  The Fishery is a 13-acre gravel pit, set within 26 acres, the lake has many features including gravel bars, plateaux and shelves, with depths ranging from 3 to 12 feet.

The lake was dug in approximately 1992 as a typical gravel pit and has grown into a charming area of natural beauty.

We opened in Spring 2009 and currently have a full membership and are running a waiting list. To join the waiting list please fill in your details on the membership page.

We stocked the lake with 350 plus carp of up to 15lbs in 2007.  These are of a fast growing strain of carp. Stock levels will be monitored very closely in order for Marshall Fishery to become an exciting and successful specimen carp lake.

Currently alongside the carp is a good head of well sized bream, pike and specimen rudd.  Some of these fish will be thinned out over the coming years to ensure the development of the carp. 

The fishery is well managed by the owner/head bailiff and facilities include a secure car park and toilet.  Local village shop and pubs are only a short journey away for extra supplies!